Business process services

Business payroll services

CGI provides payroll processing and human resources management services for private Canadian businesses of all sizes. These services allow Canadian businesses to improve their productivity and reduce the costs related to employee management. In collaboration with our business partners, CGI processes payrolls and supports the human resources management of over 28 000 private businesses in Canada. Our services are designed, supported, and operated by 500 members.

Our primary mission is to help organizations achieve their business objectives by providing them with various and comprehensive solutions. Tailored to individual business environments, our services allow our clients to:

  • maintain control over their strategic functions;
  • free managers from a number of administrative issues thus increasing their productivity;
  • align their business processes and strategies with new business and technical realities;
  • improve their competitiveness by providing them with leading edge technological resources developed through thorough understanding of the 28 000 businesses they serve.

Outstanding customer service!

Each year, an independent organization assesses the overall satisfaction level of our clientele; an initiative that allows us to constantly improve on the quality of our services. Over the last ten years, CGI has achieved an average satisfaction rate of 98.4%.

The secret of our success lies in the commitment of our members and in the strict adherence to detailed and efficient management processes. As a result, we are positioned to provide our clients with extremely effective solutions that exceed industry standards, and are delivered on time and according to budget. 

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